Pirates of the Spanish Main

28 July 1715

To Louis XIV, the Great.

Oh great Sun King, I write to you today to implore you to come to your servant’s aid. We have been set upon by pirates! My king, their numbers were vast, as they boldly sailed into the harbor of Port Royal, and attacked my patrol ship, Le Marquis. The cowards left one survivor, a sailor named RenĂ© Petit. They did not even have the decency to spare the officer on board. After being put in the stocks for his cowardice, the sailor reported that the vicious crew were nearly twenty strong and fired canons with accuracy like the Devil himself was guiding their aim.

Your majesty, I implore you to send more aid to St. Vincent to support us in this time of terrible travail.

Vicomte Jules de Cissey, Governor of St. Vincent

Incident Report
23 July 1715

Lt. Robert Lloyd to Captain Xavier Templar,
My lord Captain, I am chagrined to report that the Spanish hoy we captured has been lost! As you know, we had been docked in Bridgetown in the isle of Barbados, giving the men a small amount of shore leave. As men are apt to do, there was some gambling in a dockside establishment. Things got out of hand, and as I am informed, when our men ejected some local rabble, the very same men boarded El Gato del Mar, threw the crew into the drink and made off with the hoy, along with our spanish prisoner. Lastly, we have reason to believe that some of the crew were either killed, captured or dare I say, chose to accompany the degenerate scallywag ringleader!
My lord, I assure you, the sting of this dishonor gnaws at me, and I swear as an English Gentleman, that I will not rest until I bring this Nathaniel Drake to meet the King’s Justice!


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