Pirates of the Spanish Main

Logs in progress

Session 1
23 July 1715
Theft of El Gato del Mar in Bridgetown, Barbados from Lt. Robert Lloyd
July 28 Attack and scuttling of Le Marquis, in St. Vincent. René Petit was lone survivor, imprisoned by Vicomte Jules de Cissey, Governor of St. Vincent.

Session 2
29 July, 1715
Tobaggo, Jenny Gallows, Bones Wiley requests that they take his daughter to her mother’s in Antigua.
(Nathan almost loses Wiley’s dice—John Smith hides them)
Nicodemus Damien- gives them a smuggling job to Grenada.
Thomas Trenton was a laborer hired by Santíago. Later, he sets them up with a job delivering Figs to St. Lucia

Session 3
30 July – 31 July, 1715
Meet Temperance Wiley and maid Martha at dawn
Nathan steams open note to be delivered to Grenada.
Smith discovers diseased human remains in Fig cargo.
Crew starts to notice physical symptoms: discoloration, but no ill effects
The Incorrigible lands in St. Vincent. A boy who bears a strong resemblance to Thomas Trenton hands them a note from a “W. V. K.”, then runs off.
They are to gather three components of a cure The Black Shade, and deliver them to Bridgetown within two weeks.
The components are:
Sulfur from the rim of Mount Soufrière
Petals from the deadly Bogado flower
Water from Neptune’s Cauldron

Speak with French sailor working the dock, Claude de Bourbon. He has a friend, René, who says he has been to Neptune’s Cauldron. René is currently imprisoned in the St. Vincent garrison for cowardice (after his ship, Le Marquis, was attacked by “Spanish” pirates.)
Lago, Foster and Thomas Drake scale Mount Soufrière and gather sulfur.

Session 4
31 July – 1 August, 1715
Jail break of René Petit, St. Vincent

Session 5
3 August – 5 August, 1715
Neptune’s Cauldron, the Grenadines
1st part of Bogado Flower, St. Lucia
Nathan jumped into mountain pool, and was immediately delusional. Viewed his companions as beautiful native women, and as he dove under one of three large lily pads, the head of a giant Anaconda rose from the water, and then dove under again as it struck at him.

Session 6
5 August, 1715
Dr. Foster saw the snake about to strike the swimming captain. He fired a deadly shot with his pocket pistol, but the snake writhed underwater at the last second. Seconds later, Erza fired a shot from her rifled musket and pierced the creature’s eye, felling the beast. Captain Drake then swam to the edge of the pool where he challenged the savage Lago to a swimming race back to the lily pads. The entire party fails to notice ominous ripples in the water, as well as movement in the grass behind the doctor and Erza. Another snake bites at Drake and misses. Drake, in turn grabs at the trunk of the Snake

Ends with capture of exhausted snake at bank

Session 7
6 August, 1715
Delivery of medicinal ingredients to Bridgetown

Session 8
13 August, 1715
Delivery of Temperance to Antigua and encounter of dying sailor.

Session 9
14 August, 1715
Recon in Antigua and entry into swamps of Antigua looking for Mudface Mollie. Crocodile fight.

Session 10
14 August, 1715
Follows William into Mudface’s camp. Trial by combat

Session 11
15 August, 1715
Attack on Plantation fort. Sea battle with Sampson’s jawbone, who is driven off. Lt. Lloyd makes escape. Plantation master is killed and slaves are freed. Mollie becomes an ally.

Session 12
16 August – 20 August, 1715
Our crew persuades Mollie to take them to Grenada while The Incorrigible has its rudder repaired. With expert navigation from Lago, the Retribution makes good time to the volcanic island. Once there, Erza leads the crew into Grenada while Captain Drake stays aboard and negotiates with Mollie. First they encounter the dockmaster who seems terribly frightened by the savage Lago. Santiago is able to take advantage of this and talk down the tariff on the goods they are trading.
At the King’s Head Inn, they enquire with the barkeep about their contact, Mr. Reilly. He turns away, and soon passes them a note saying, “Being watched. Come back tonight.” While having a drink, Santiago makes eye contact briefly with a plain dressed man from across the room. They share a knowing nod. As the party leaves, Santiago keeps alert for signs of anyone tailing them. The group makes their way to the church on the hill in search of the Vicar. When they reach the church, Lago shoulders both casks of port and walked into the front door. Father Ted promptly chastised them and drove them from the front, whilst simultaneously quietly telling them to meet him in the back. They conduct the transaction, and the jovial priest insists that they share a glass. While this is going on, Santiago stealthily hides in the alley, and gets the drop on a figure that was tailing them.

28 July 1715

To Louis XIV, the Great.

Oh great Sun King, I write to you today to implore you to come to your servant’s aid. We have been set upon by pirates! My king, their numbers were vast, as they boldly sailed into the harbor of Port Royal, and attacked my patrol ship, Le Marquis. The cowards left one survivor, a sailor named René Petit. They did not even have the decency to spare the officer on board. After being jailed in the garrison for his cowardice, the sailor reported that the vicious crew were nearly twenty strong and fired canons with accuracy like the Devil himself was guiding their aim.

Your majesty, I implore you to send more aid to St. Vincent to support us in this time of terrible travail.

Vicomte Jules de Cissey, Governor of St. Vincent

Incident Report
23 July 1715

Lt. Robert Lloyd to Captain Xavier Templar,
My lord Captain, I am chagrined to report that the Spanish hoy we captured has been lost! As you know, we had been docked in Bridgetown in the isle of Barbados, giving the men a small amount of shore leave. As men are apt to do, there was some gambling in a dockside establishment. Things got out of hand, and as I am informed, when our men ejected some local rabble, the very same men boarded El Gato del Mar, threw the crew into the drink and made off with the hoy, along with our spanish prisoner. Lastly, we have reason to believe that some of the crew were either killed, captured or dare I say, chose to accompany the degenerate scallywag ringleader!
My lord, I assure you, the sting of this dishonor gnaws at me, and I swear as an English Gentleman, that I will not rest until I bring this Nathaniel Drake to meet the King’s Justice!


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